Tax Deduction & Collection Account Number (TAN) is a 10 digit alpha-numeric code needed to be obtained by any entity or individual required for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) or Tax Collection at Source (TCS) on behalf of the Government. Under the Income Tax Act, a payer is required to deduct tax at appropriate rates, from payments of specific nature (like salary, payments to contractor or subcontractors, professional charges, payment of rent, etc) and deposit the same with the Central Government quoting the TAN number. Salaried individuals are not required to get TAN or deducted tax at source.

Get your TAN registration with Accotax tax professionals,which support you to begin processing all business payments.The plan is designed to get your TAN registration for your business in no time. Generate a new equest with us to obtain TAN number or getting a correction done in the existing one, AccoTax helps you to get it all done hassle-free.

Accotax will help you with:

Consultation and guidance on applicability of TAN.
Expert Support through Email, Phone & Chat during business hours.

Who Should Buy:

Every individual or entity that requires to deduct tax at source while making certain payments like salary, payments to contractor or payment of rent exceeding Rs.1,80,000 per year etc.
Non profit organizations making specific payments above threshold limit
Branches of businesses making specified payments above the threshold limits

Documents to be Submitted

  • Copy of PAN of the Organization.
  • Copy of PAN and Aadhaar of the responsible person deducting TDS.
  • Copy of Address Proof of the Organization.
  • Passport size photo of the responsible person.