GST has been enforced for all non-resident, who want to do business in India and need to apply for GST registration 5 days before commencing business inIndia and file GST returns monthly or quarterly as opted.The non-resident taxable person also needs to authorize a person in India to take care of the GST compliances.Non-resident taxpayer has to submit the application electronically which should be duly signed duly signed through the form GST REG-9 and a self-attested copy of valid passport will be attached, this application should be filed at least five days before doing online or offline business in India. Such an applicant needs to pay tax in advance which is based on the estimated tax liability for the said period for which registration is being applied.

Accotax helps you keep updated with the latest reforms regarding the GST and are committed for clients throughout the GST registration for foreigners procedure. We provide end-to-end GST services for Foreign companies or NRI individuals, from GST registration to GST return filing keeping under compliances.GST registration for Foreign Non-resident Taxpayers takes 10-15 days after the submission of all the necessary documents,For more information reach out to the Accotax team.